Word Search - Flying Mythical Creatures (5674 plays)

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  • - 2013-01-08 21:24:42

    Good one.

    Reply from Rick: Thanks

Word Search - Flying Mythical Creatures

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A word search puzzle with a list of mythical beasts that fly

User Comments:

This is a user generated word search puzzle that uses words from the following list:

  • angel
  • basilisk
  • caladrius
  • demon
  • dragon
  • fenghuang
  • firebird
  • garuda
  • griffin
  • harpy
  • lammasu
  • mothman
  • pegasus
  • phoenix
  • roc
  • shedu
  • simurgh
  • strix
  • stymphalian
  • tengu
  • thunderbird
  • vampire

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